Built of Sewanee sandstone and trimmed in Bowling Green limestone, the Christ Episcopal Church has weathered the elements for more than 100 years on the corner of 9th and Broadway in Nashville, Tenn. The main church was built in 1894, six years after the adjacent original chapel, which is now a parish house.

A close examination revealed that the sandstone was compromised by decades of relentless emissions and by early restoration attempts that might have used sandblasting or heavy chemicals. In addition, the mortar was so deteriorated that the entire building would have to be repointed.

Restoration contractor WASCO Inc. treated the sandstone with a stone hardener, patched the damaged areas, tuckpointed, cleaned the surface, and applied a water resistant coating.

Project Participants
Restoration Contractor: WASCO Inc., Nashville, Tenn.
Suppliers: PROSOCO Inc., Lawrence, Kan.; Cathedral Stone Products; Hanover, Md.