The Brick Industry Association has announced the winner of the renovation category of the Brick in Architecture Award 2015. The winner is (bronze) Woodley-Wardman:

Woodley-Wardman is an exemplary multi-family residential project which restores and adapts a row of historic townhouses on site and integrates a new masonry skinned addition behind. Located within the Woodley Park Historic District, this 39-unit project presents an innovative contemporary design using colorful masonry materials relating to the buildings strong historic context. At the front, 16-units have been arranged within four preserved masonry townhouses built by prolific British developer Harry Wardman in 1904, with the remaining units in a new 7-story masonry tower built behind and below the existing. A new parking garage is located below the rear addition and courtyard. The massing of the new construction is staggered horizontally and vertically to respect the height and rhythm of the original townhouses while creating unique bay windows affording oblique urban views. Most units are set around a central courtyard to allow access to natural light and ventilation on this tight, mid-block site. The resulting project is a testament to the successful collaboration of architect, developer, and builder in developing a contemporary design that utilizes brick to preserve, enhance and visually relate to its exuberant historic surroundings.