Milton Hershey School Town Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania

This campus for underprivileged children was recently expanded from 2 buildings to a 400,000-square foot complex that now includes a new middle school, high school, and clock tower. Witmer & McCoy Inc. constructed the middle school and high school using a blend of 400,000 modular sized brick and 250 tons of Seneca limestone veneer. The limestone is laid in an ashlar pattern on an inside radius with stone quoin corners. Precast concrete sills and lintels accent the brick and stonework.

The more complex task was crafting the campus' tallest structure, a 97-foot-high clock tower featuring a graceful 3-foot taper to the top and requiring special brick shapes and intricate detailing. Witmer's stone crew led the effort with a 30-foot-high base, again using Seneca limestone in an ashlar pattern, accented with quoins wrapping the four corners and openings. Custom cast stone lintels span the openings.

All told Witmer crews installed more than 550,000 masonry units to complete the project within 2 years.