15th and Pearl Parking Structure, Boulder, Colorado

It's easy to make a 245,000-square-foot, 700-space parking garage look like a giant masonry box, easy, but not acceptable when the new structure must be integrated with neighboring historic storefronts.

To help reduce the scale, the facility's 340-foot long main fatade is divided into four units, each containing retail and office space.

The chestnut red brick used in Building A complement the historic pedestrian Pearl Street Mall. This building features a 3/8-inch recessed course every two feet vertically, which terminates with a soldier course at the sill of the second level windows.

Building B uses a rich taupe brick in pairs of soldier coursing with raked joints at approximately 2-foot increments up to the second level windows. This building also features an 11-course corbelled cornice.

Building C uses a light rust-colored brick. Masons raked each horizontal joint of the running bond to reinforce the horizontal quality of the long, main elevation.

Building D switches to a deep red brick with accents of soldier coursing and a deep raked horizontal joint every 8 inches vertically. The balance of the 6-story building is wrapped with auburn red up to the 5th story, but shifts to a lighter taupe brick at the top level in order to lighten the structure's appearance.