Making the transition from a local, Washington-state based association to a national organization required a great deal of time, thought, and goal-setting. The Board of Directors of the Residential Masonry Contractors Association (RMCA) spent many hours formulating an idea about how to structure an organization that solely addressed the issues and inherent problems associated with residential masons.

The result is a finely-tuned, well-designed master plan with a mission statement that reflects its goals: “To promote the masonry industry through proper training of our work force, and to promote the ethical treatment of both our colleagues and our employees. To educate the design community of not only the beauty of masonry, but also its superiority and versatility over other building products. To carry our industry forward with professionalism and pride.”

Using the World of Concrete/World of Masonry show in Las Vegas as our springboard, we were able to meet and talk to hundreds of potential members. We discussed the importance of quality standards, uniform bidding practices, and the care and training of our workers. We answered a number of questions. “Do you have a chapter in my area?” “How do you train workers across the country?” “How do I get certified?”

Obviously, the association can't be in every city, county, or even state in our present format. But, by encouraging members to join us in our training and certification efforts, RMCA can establish training centers, get standards raised across the country, and rebuild and regain pride in residential masonry.

It starts with one simple word – Yes. Yes, I'm willing to work with RMCA, follow its training guidelines, and work toward a united goal. Can you say “Yes?” We hope so. Membership is easy, but participating takes time; however, the end results will be overwhelming. We are a team, and every member becomes an integral part of the overall victory.

Residential work comprises approximately 80% of the masonry industry. This group of contractors has long needed a united voice to implement changes to standards, as well as representation at codes & standards meetings. RMCA offers you the opportunity to be heard, as well as represented, at national legislative sessions. We need your participation, voice, and presence at every level.

Visit and fill out an application today.

Barbara Headrick has promoted the use of masonry to architects and contractors for many years. She currently serves as the executive director of the RMCA and the National Association for Women in Masonry (NAWM). She can be reached atbarb@residentialmasonrycontractors.comor by phone at 206-724-4242.