One way to upgrade the front of a building with an aging-but structurally sound-concrete porch and steps is to add brick veneer over the old work. EXCAVATION First, excavate around the porch and steps for a footing deep enough to eliminate any problems from the frost and freezing, the exact depth determined by geographic area. Next, drive metal stakes into the excavation that will serve as a guide when pouring the concrete footing. Spread several inches of gravel during the excavation to provide a good base, then pour concrete so that it is even with the top of the stakes. SELECTING THE RIGHT BRICK Estimate the number of brick needed by finding the total square footage of the brick walls. When using standard brick multiply the total square footage by 7 brick per square foot and add on 5% for waste. Buy only brick made for paving work. Make sure the brick you select conforms to ASTM C 902 (pavers), "Standard Specification for Pedestrian and Light Traffic Paving Brick." LAYING THE PAVING BRICK The bond pattern selected for the paving will greatly affect the finished appearance of the job. Standard running bond, basket weave, or herringbone are all good choices.