Category: Institutional
Location: SK
Size: 40,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 210,000 CMU's, 18,500 sq.ft. of tyndall, and 35,800 sq.ft. of dolomite limestone.
Submitted by: Gracom

Project Description

The size, schedule, and location of the project on this busy campus were in itself a project teams nightmare but the biggest challenge was matching our new stone with the original random ashlar pattern split faced dolomite limestone on the original 1948 'A' Wing.

This high profile project is located at a junction on the main entry road into the beautiful University of Saskatchewan Campus. It was identified at the pre-tender meeting the quality expectations for all of the building components with specific reference to the size, pattern, colour and pitching tecniques required by the masonry contractor to match up with the adjoining original structure.

We completed a number of stone sample panels adjusting the size, pattern, mortar colour and amount of dressing / pitching to suit the owner & consultant team's requirements.

Upon the final sample approval, our stone mason's worked through two winters splitting & dressing the dolomite and Gillis Quarries quarried & cut their tyndall stone accents & panels. We have worked continuously over the last two years installing the stone on the walls along with the interior CMU installation.

We are all very proud of the finished product and have recieved a letter from Allan Downing (Friggstad Downing Henry Architects) confirming we have in fact, hit the mark!

Project Participants

Owner: Colin Tennant, University of Saskatchewan

  • Architect/Desinger: Allan Downing, Friggstad Downing Henry Architects
  • Structural Engineer: Jeff Reichert, Genivar
  • General Contractor: Ray Olynek, Graham Construction
  • Masonry Contractor: Burleigh Hill, Gracom
  • Masonry Supplier: Ron Chelak, Cindercrete Products
  • Masonry Supplier: Keith Gillis, Gillis Quarries
  • Masonry Supplier: Todd Hassen, Brock White