Category: Multi-Family
Location: New York, NY
Size: 155000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Utility brick, 1/3 running bond utility radial brick modular brick @ soldier courses all:40,000 sf
Submitted by: Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, Architects, PC

Project Description

One of the main goals of this project was to design a building that would be harmonious in its relationship to the adjacent Tredwell Skidmore House, a four-story plus basement and cellar Greek Revival-style house and a New York City Landmark, listed on the National Registry of Historical Places. Defying the trend of all-glass facades, 2 Cooper was designed to be a contextual building in the tradition of the turn of the 20th century architecture of the neighborhood. With a 6-story base similar to the street wall and rhythm of early/ mid-19th century row houses that once lined the block, 2 Cooper complements well the adjacent, well-preserved Skidmore House and Merchant House Museum. At 15-story tall, 2 Cooper features a tautly muscular red brick façade, rhythmically punctuated by large double-hung windows with custom decorative grilles. The brick was chosen specifically for its color, texture and shape. The windows, placed in punched openings, are reminiscent of residential buildings that once filled the area. The building's façade is organized in a classic tradition, including a base, shaft and capital, and features expressed lintels and cornices. The large windows with transoms at the corners help break down the mass and relate the building to neighboring loft buildings in the NoHo historic district. The exterior was designed with historical elements and a sanded textured masonry, which allow 2 Cooper to create a harmonious and appropriate effect on the adjacent landmark.

The client requested an amenity rich rental building that reflected and interpreted the history of the neighborhood in an upscale manner. The use of brick in the design of 2 Cooper helped to create interest and detail reminiscent of the turn of the 20th century architecture of the neighborhood. The muscular red brick façade and large windows allowed for the creation of light-filled apartments with full city views and unique floor plans. Further, floors 7 through 15 are set back from both East 4th Street and Cooper Square, creating expansive terraces, which help to modulate the scale and street presence of the building. Expressed masonry pilasters, larger windows and custom radial brickwork at the corners are also featured at 2 Cooper to break down the mass of the building and relate it to its neighboring loft buildings. The running bond pattern is created with utility bricks throughout the façade. A modular-sized brick accent is used as a pattern on the pilasters and rounded columns to define each floor level.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Randolph Gerner
Company: Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, Architects, PC
Phone: (212) 679-6362

Structural Engineer' s Name: Steve Harwood
Company: SR Harwood Consulting Engineer
Phone: (212) 967-2001

General Contractor's Name: Doron Resheff
Company: Knickerbocker Corporation
Phone: (212) 398-1014

Masonry Contractor's Name: Mickey Loughran
Company: GMJ Construction
Phone: (914) 438-3154

Masonry Supplier's Name: William Merritt
Company: Tri-State Brick & Stone of New York
Phone: (212) 686-3939

Landscape Architect's Name: Mark Sullivan
Company: Sullivan Group Design
Phone: (212) 352-8636

Name: William Merritt
Company: Cloud Ceramics
Phone: (785) 243-1284