Mast climbers help perform many tasks

The E-Series of light- and medium-duty mast climbers combines low ownership and rental costs with the versatility to assist in several tasks, including EIFS, roofing, painting, restoration, inspection, and cleaning. The mast climbers can be configured in a number of arrangements and have a maximum deck length of 39 ft in a single-mast version, and 98 ft in twin-mast models. It travels 21 fpm and has a single-mast capacity of 5800-lb.

Hydro Mobile Inc., 888-484-9376,

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Generator runs efficiently and longer

The RGX4800 generator features an automatic idle control allowing for less fuel consumption and longer run times. It includes a sound-suppressing air cleaner paired with an extra large muffler for quieter operation. An automatic decompression system coupled with an easy-pull recoil starter or electric ignition provides easy starting.

Subaru Robin America Inc., 800-277-6246,

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Lifting system takes maintenance workers to the task

The Max Climber 2000P-IPM rack & pinion personnel and material elevator occupies a small space while providing a safe and efficient means of access for workers performing tasks at high levels. The lift easily attaches to the scaffolding or building exterior and is designed with a base system footprint of 93 in. x 95 in. Maximum pay load is 2000 lbs or seven people.

Beta Max, 800-233-5112,

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Grout delivery system moves in close

The Uphill Grout Hog has an extended discharge arm which decreases head height and saves the forklift several feet of boom extension. This design allows the units to pour close to bar joists when filling interior block walls. Other features include a swivel-base system, removable auger, and ability to deliver ½-in. aggregate.

EZ Grout Corp., 800-417-9272,

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Earth anchors stabilize walls

Manta Ray earth anchors are used for stabilizing formed retaining, block, and basement foundation walls. The anchors can be installed in tight spaces with small equipment. Installation consists of drilling a hole in the wall, driving the anchor through the opening into the soil using a jackhammer, locking and load testing the anchor, and attaching and securing a plate or waler.

Foresight Products LLC, 800-325-5360,

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