To place mortar more uniformly and increase productivity, you may want to consider a mortar gun or pump. These units come in a range of designs and prices that manufacturers say allow masonry crews to point 1,500 to 9,450 standard brick per day. HAND-OPERATED GUN The simplest unit is a hand-operated gun that uses a trigger-and-ratchet system similar to that of a caulking gun. ELECTRIC MORTAR GUN A tuckpointing gun that uses a built-in, variable-speed electric drill allows the operator to control the rate of mortar flow. The drill drives a vibrator-fed auger that transports mortar from a polyurethane hopper to a steel nozzle tip. CART-MOUNTED PUMP For extensive tuckpointing jobs, you may want to consider a unit powered by a 110-volt electric motor that pumps mortar through a 50-foot, 3/4-inch hose from a remote hopper to the application area.