Lightweight model offers right- or left-hand operation

This masonry table saw weighs 68 lb and is easy to transport. It has a cutting capacity of 8 in. in height, 18 in. in length, and any width. The saw features a dry cut, dust-free system and a handle suited for both right- and left-hand operation.

  • CM Diamond Blades, 877-405-2626,
  • Mist system cuts dust

    The BX4 features a patent-pending misting system for dust reduction. It weighs 50 lb and is built with die-cast aluminum components. The masonry saw is designed with an open back for cutting large material. The 14-in. diamond blade cuts dry or with the mist system for dust control.

  • MK Diamond Products, 800-845-3729,
  • Saw handles large block

    The Saw Devil MS1 and MS2 feature an open-back design that allows rip cutting for the entire length of larger block. Other features include a 45- to 90-deg miter guide for precision cutting, and an easy-to-clean polyethyl-ene blade guard. The portable, lightweight MS1 can be used anywhere with a standard leg kit. The more rugged MS2 is suited for stationary production cutting.

  • Stone Construction Equipment Inc., 800-888-9926,
  • Various masonry products easily cut

    The GMS-14A portable masonry saw is ideal for both wet and dry cutting of interlocking pavers, retaining wall block, brick, and 8-in. masonry block. It offers a 14-in. blade capacity and a choice of a 5.5-, 6.5-, or 9-hp gasoline engine. An electric option is available. The fixed-engine platform prevents burnout and reduces vibration.

  • Edco Inc., 800-638-3326,
  • Portable product incorporates special blade guard

    Available as gas or electric versions, the Target Portasaw features the Sta-Level blade guard that remains parallel to the table for accurate cuts. The masonry table saw also features a quick-mount cutting head design that is easily removed for transportation. The cast-aluminum conveyor cart has a vulcanized rubber top and a moveable rip guide for making precision cuts.

  • Husqvarna Construction Products, 800-527-5451,
  • Tile/paver saw rips and cuts

    Designed for tile, marble, granite, and brick pavers, the TP-10 tile/paver saw offers precision cutting and lightweight construction. It can rip a 24-in. tile in a single pass or cut an 18-in. tile diagonally. Powered by an enclosed, non-vented, 1.5-hp electric motor, it has a blade capacity range of 10 in. The saw weighs 118 lb and can be disassembled quickly and easily.

  • Stow Construction Equipment, a division of Multiquip, 877-289-7869,