GPS system available with four options

SPS series modular GPS receivers and smart GPS antennas provide contractors with four levels of operation options –location, basic, max, and extreme – to cover a range of price and performance requirements. The highest level tracks next-generation GPS L2C, L5, and GLONASS signals

  • Trimble Navigation Ltd., 800-874-6253,
  • Software manages jobsite blueprints

    Layout Pro runs on the Recon handheld data collector and allows contractors to lay out, carry, and manage jobsite blueprints. Users can input blueprint directions, build a digital replica of the layout plan, add string dimensions, and calculate diagonals and angles. It includes the Construction Master Pro calculator from Calculator Industries Inc. so users can perform field and materials calculations.

  • Tripod Data Systems, 541-753-9322,
  • Laser measures quickly and accurately/

    Whether determining long distances, calculating areas and volumes, or trying to measure a difficult-to-reach area, the PD 30 laser range meter takes measurements in less than half a second. It measures distances from 2 in. up to 600 ft with ±1/16-in. accuracy over the entire operating range. Simply turn the tool on, point the laser at the target, and press the measure button.

  • Hilti Inc., 800-879-8000,
  • Product locates underground objects

    The NaviTrack II features several improvements over the previous model, including a larger and higher definition LCD mapping display and a balanced handle that allows accurate one-handed operation of the keypad. Locating underground pipes, cables, utility lines, remote transmitters, and pipe inspection cameras is fast and easy.

  • Ridgid Tool Co., 800-474-3443,
  • Robotic systems measure over one mile

    The GTS-900A and GPT-9000A robotic systems feature the FC-200 field controller and RC-3 tracking system. Providing reflector-less measurement up to 1¼ miles, the station can focus on small objects while six communication channels enable multiple robotic systems to operate on the same site. The water- and dust-proof instruments are available in 1-, 3-, and 5-sec arc-second angle accuracies.

  • Topcon Positioning Systems Inc., 800-443-4567,
  • GPS allows nighttime operation

    The Logic7D Excavate system boosts the productivity of excavators, eliminates the need for survey stakes, and allows users to better control buckets. Using a dual-antenna roof array and sensors, the GPS system displays accurate, real-time bucket grade and location on a touch-screen display. Excavation can continue even at night and in blinding conditions.

  • Novariant Inc., 650-644-1400,