With onsite mortar silos, a consistent mortar mix is ready to use at the push of a button. Some silos eliminate batching by the contractor; all simplify jobsite material storage. MANY ADVANTAGES Because silo mixers meter materials mechanically, eliminating shovels and bags, each time the button is pushed the same mortar is produced. Workability, color, and strength are uniform from batch to batch, day to day, whether the same worker is operating the mixer or not. Silo mixers also simplify material handling. Some silos can contain all the ingredients needed to make mortar; cement, lime, and sand. Inside the silo, the materials stay dry. THE DIFFERENT TYPES Several silo systems are available. One has a single compartment that must be filled with preblended cement, lime (if used), sand, and powdered color pigment (if used). Another system has two compartments that keep sand and cement separate until mixed in the auger. A third system combines a storage cement silo with an onsite batcher-mixer.