Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags is a new, innovative solution to filling & transporting heavy sandbags. Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags are ready to go, weighing less than one pound, making them easy to carry several at a time. Simply add fresh water and in approximately 5 minutes they will absorb the water, swell to fill the fabric and start diverting the problem water away from your construction site.

Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags are pre-filled with a non-toxic & non-hazardous absorbent material that expands on contact with fresh water, forming a gel that creates a barrier to block and divert water. Pre-soaking the Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags (1' x 2' x 3") and stacking them in a brick or pyramid formation before the flooding occurs is ideal. Stack them one layer high for nuisance water or several layers high to fend off larger flows of water.

Quick Dams can be left out to provide ongoing protection throughout the wet season, lasting about 6-8 months, eventually breaking down with UV exposure. They will grow in the presence of water & shrink through evaporation when no water is present and they will continue this process throughout the season, growing and shrinking when needed. Evaporating them completely is also an option, taking a couple of months in a dry environment, so they can then be stored & reused again at a later date.

For more information on Quick Dams, visit www.quickdams.com.