In the past few years, the most notable trend in the development and marketing of telescopic-boom, rough-terrain forklifts has been toward greater versatility. More and more specialized attachments are available, from concrete buckets with a chute-and-hose assembly for grouting, to utility buckets for cleanup, to handlers for sheet material and scaffolding. Manufacturers have even adopted a new term for these machines--"telescopic handlers"--though most masonry contractors and Masonry Construction still favor the term "forklift." Although masonry contractors sometimes use bucket attachments to load silo mixers or to clean up debris, they still use rough-terrain forklifts primarily for moving and placing pallet loads of masonry material. This review highlights some of the newest models of telescopic handlers. All the information was provided by the manufacturers. To learn more about a particular forklift, contact the manufacturer directly or circle the appropriate number on the reader service card.