• Saw performs two functions

    The AS160 Brick + Mortar saw cuts through a variety of materials. The product features Allsaw technology, which uses an orbital cutting motion with two forward facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and sawing action. This hand-held saw cuts to depths of 4½ in. with the plunge blade, and also makes square corners. The saw reaches a no-load speed of 6500 rpm. WOM/WOC Booth C3661

    Arbortech Pty Ltd., 61 8 9249 1944, www.arbortech.com.au

  • Hammer drill lightweight and compact

    The TE 7-A cordless rotary hammer drill offers a 8/16-in. to ¾-in. diameter optimum drilling range, which is perfect for anchor holes and through-holes in concrete and masonry. Equipped with 36-V lithium-ion batteries, the tool is light and compact with little vibration. The battery can fully charge in only 36 minutes. A dust removal accessory is used for cleaner drilling. WOM/WOC Booth O30874

    Hilti Inc., 800-879-8000, www.us.hilti.com

  • Kit makes three types of cuts

    Cutting quickly while leaving a chip-free finish, the CRL-18-V cordless diamond saw kit handles stone and tile from ¼-in. to ¾-in. thick. Adjustable depth control makes plunge, straight, and angle cuts. Using a 5 3/8-in. diamond blade and pressurized cooling system, the angle is adjustable from 90 deg to 45 deg for miter cuts. The saw also features a polycarbonate base to provide a smooth cutting surface. WOM/WOC Booth N2262

    C.R. Laurence Co. Inc., 800-421-6144, www.crlaurence.com

  • Tool drills and drives

    The 18-V LXT lithium-ion cordless hybrid kit serves as an impact driver, hammer drill, driver, and two-speed drill. This four-function tool weighs 3.9 lbs and has an LED light that illuminates the work surface for accuracy. The ergonomic shape of the BTP 140 results in better control and less operator fatigue. The tool drills into concrete and wood, and can drive lag bolts and screws with clutch settings. WOM/WOC Booth C4039, O31539

    Makita USA Inc., 800-462-5482, www.makitatools.com

  • Core drill hand-held or stand-mounted

    The ETN 152/3P diamond core drill can be used wet or dry, hand-held or stand-mounted. Powered by a 17-amp/ 110-V motor, it drills holes up to 6 in. in diameter in plain and reinforced concrete, brick, block, and stone. It includes an integrated GFCI and water swivel. The drill can be connected to a vacuum with a standard hose connection to minimize dust. The hand-held drill weighs 15 lbs alone, and 46 lbs with the stand. WOM/WOC Booth S10949

    CS Unitec Inc., 800-700-5919, www.csunitec.com

  • Cutoff machine works masonry, concrete, and metal

    Suitable for concrete, masonry, and metal applications, the 14-in. handheld cut-off machine handles demolition, control joints, and access opening cuts. It's powered by a 15-amp, 4.8-hp motor, protected against contamination by an epoxy-coated armature and field. The tool reaches speeds up to 4600 rpm and cuts to a depth of 4 3/8 in. WOM/WOC Booth O30471

    Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., 800- 729-3878, www.milwaukeetool.com

  • Hand saw makes wet and dry cuts

    The FHS-4 hand saw cuts brick, stone, concrete, pavers, tile, fiber cement siding, tile backer board, and stucco, wet or dry. With a cutting capacity of 1 in. at 45 deg and 1 3/8 in. at 90 deg, the saw is powered by a 120-V, 60-Hz motor. A 4-in. diamond blade is standard, as is an 8-ft water hose. Blade speeds reach up to 10,800 rpm. WOM/WOC Booth O30901, C3489, S20211

    Felker, Div. of Husqvarna Construction Products, 800-365-4003, www.felkersaws.com