Where forklifts can't reach, portable hoists are handy. They're faster than a rope and pulley, much less expensive than a crane, and safer and easier than passing materials by hand up the scaffolding. Many come with a remote control that allows workers to operate the hoist from the ground or the scaffold. Lift capacities range from 150 to 1,000 pounds with a single wire rope and from 1,100 to 2,000 pounds with a double wire rope. Machine weights vary from 35 to 220 pounds. Unlike electric chain hoists, which generally lift at speeds between 2 and 25 feet per minute (fpm), portable wire rope hoists are fast. Speeds range from 40 to 80 fpm, with most units having speeds between 75 and 80 fpm. Maximum lift heights for portable hoists range from 80 to 350 feet. Portable hoists can be mounted to a post or monorail.