Modularly constructed platform hoists can slash downtime on residential chimney construction and repair jobs. Ranging in height from 16 to more than 100 feet, platform hoists can lift brick, block, and mortar from ground to scaffolding. Most of these hoists consist of a wire cable and pulley system that pulls a steel platform up aluminum tracking. ECONOMY MODELS The load capacity of a basic platform hoist ranges from about 200 pounds for a single-cable system to 400 pounds for a double-cable system. The 400-pound-capacity models, favored by masonry contractors, can keep two to three masons supplied with sufficient material. These units come with interchangeable track sections that can be connected for hoists of varying heights. One model features 16-foot, 8-foot, and 4-foot sections, which combine for lifts of up to 44 feet. VERTICAL-MASTED TRACK SYSTEMS Unlike the less expensive platform hoists, a vertical-masted track system can operate in a straight vertical position up to heights of 250 feet. The carriage is physically locked into the track in such a way that it can't be disengaged. These hoists can be used in scaffold erection.