Lightweight pickup trucks are ideal for a typical mason's needs. They can carry cubes of brick or block, a big toolbox or large tools, and they can deal easily with most jobsite conditions. Lightweight truck beds range from 6½ to 8 feet long and 3½ to 5 feet wide. Lightweight trucks come with diesel, gasoline, natural-gas, or bi-fuel engines. Pickups offer an array of cab types--regular cab, extended cab, club cab, full cab and king cab. This article highlights a number of pickup trucks: the T100 Xtracab from Toyota; Dodge's Ram 2500 HD and 3500; 1500, 2500, 3500 C/K Extended-Cab Chevy Pickup; Sierra Extended Cab from GMC; Ford's SRW and DRW F-350 Supercabs; and SE and XE King Cabs from Nissan. Keywords: four-wheel drive, GVWR, gross vehicle weight rating, payload