Richard PitStop

The Husqvarna PP 518 power pack is designed to ensuring hydraulic equipment is supplied with enough power to handle any job.
The PP 518 is a highly portable and self-contained. It was designed to be used with Husqvarna hydraulic equipment such as the WS 325 wall saw, DM 406 H drill motor, K 3600 MK power cutter or K 2500 power cutter. But contractors can use it to power other hydraulic tools such as diamond chain saws, breakers, and drills.
The power pack creates optimum power with precise flow using a unique hydrostatic pump system, which does not use engine rpms to regulate flow. The automatic power-on-demand feature saves fuel and adjusts to different tools and hose lengths, ensuring they operate at optimal power. The power-on-demand feature can be switched off for constant power when needed. This design provides more consistent and accurate flow for any hydraulic tool requiring 5, 8, or 10 gpm flow at 2,000 psi.
All controls and hose attachments for the unit are located on the front of the machine, improving operator efficiency. Ambient noise levels are controlled by the unit’s insulated side panels and muffler system. The PP 518 is compact and easy to transport, weighing 298 lbs.

Technical data for the Husqvarna PP 518
• Gas twin cylinder OHV, air-cooled, electric start
• Power: 18 hp
• Pressure: 2,000 psi
• Flow: 5, 8, 10 gpm
• Weight (with oil): 298 lbs
• Hydraulic connections: flat faced couplers with dust caps
• Fuel capacity: 3 gal
For more information, visit Husqvarna’s web site at www.husqvarnacp.com or PP 518