With a background in carpentry, the value of this new angle grinder setup was immediately apparent to me. I’m accustomed to using track saws to make straight cuts, that for whatever reason, can’t be made on a table saw. The new Metabo grinder/shroud combo is the concrete and masonry equivalent of the wood-cutting track saw. But instead of making through cuts, it's designed to cut kerfs and control joints--while connected to a dust-collecting vacuum to prevent silica dust from going into the air.

The tool in the video below was being demonstrated at the 2015 World of Concrete and will soon be available in the U.S.  The idea behind the design is to provide a machine that can be used on or off an aluminum guide rail. Off the rail it can be used freehand with or without the base (just over 1 inch deep without the base). With the base and on the rail it can make perfectly straight cuts just over 3/4 inches deep.

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