Hydro Mobile, the leading North American manufacturer of mast climbing work platforms, unveiled the new E–Series at the recent CONEXPO in Las Vegas. The light- and medium-duty work platform is applicable for a variety of jobs, including glazing, EIFS, painting, roofing, caulking, restoration, inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.

Using forward, back extensions, and swivel bridges allows the series to achieve an infinite number of configurations that adapt to the contours of most façades. A compact drive unit allows the mast climber to operate in restricted locations.

The all-electric product climbs continuously at a vertical speed of 21 fpm to heights of 250+ ft. The single-mast configuration offers a capacity of 5700 lbs and a maximum length of 39 ft. The twin-mast version reaches 98 ft. The platform's bridges provide a 5-ft to 7-ft wide workspace with an extendable lower working area.

The line includes six models.

  • Hydro Mobile Inc., 888-484-9376, www.hydro-mobile.com

  • Thin version looks like real brick

    Thin Brick is an interior lightweight concrete product that provides the look and feel of an oversized, handmade unit. Each piece weighs less than 1 lb, does not require reinforcement of walls or foundations, and can be installed with standard practices currently used for thin veneer products. Color options include grey-taupe, traditional red, rustic brown, and caramel-grey.

  • Boral Bricks Inc., 800-526-7255, www.boralbricks.com

  • Cleaner protects and polishes stone surfaces

    One can of 113M 3-in-1 offers cleaning, polishing, and protection. The nontoxic, biodegradable product is used to clean granite, marble, quartz, and limestone. As a polish, it conditions stone and tile and enhances a surface's natural luster. The product protects surfaces against water, etching, spills, and other marring.

  • GranQuartz, 800-458-6222, www.granquartz.com