Single-leg with snap hooks at ends x 6 ft.
Single-leg with snap hooks at ends x 6 ft.

The new and improved DBI-SALA EZ-Stop Lanyard is lighter, stronger and more durable than previous models. The EZ Stop Lanyard features Hi-10™ energy management material, the smallest shock pack in the world, the lightest and strongest rebar hooks on the market, durable Repel™ webbing, and a rugged and durable soft cover with protected labels.

“We base a lot of our new product development on what we hear from customers; what their specific needs are,” said Jacob Shevik, soft goods product manager at Capital Safety. “We consistently heard a request for innovative new lanyards that were not only more durable, but lighter and smaller.”

The EZ-Stop Lanyard features the lightest and strongest components on the market. The new Hi-10 shock pack is 66 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than competing products, making it the smallest available shock pack in the world. Consisting of high tenacity Vectran fiber, the Hi-10 is resistant to abrasion, moisture, chemicals and cuts, and uses less than half the material content than competing products.

The EZ-Stop Lanyard is also equipped with ¾ inch webbing (the thinnest ever offered), which reduces weight and excess bulk for the wearer. The updated steel and aluminum rebar hooks are another industry first for DBI-SALA, featuring a patent pending locking nose design and a dual-action, 3,600 pound gate for ANSI compliance and increased strength.

Most ANSI 6 foot free fall models are made with Repel water repellent webbing to reduce the attraction of mold and dirt, leading to better abrasion resistance. The EZ-Stop Lanyard’s superior design is equipped with i-Safe technology, which allows it to be tracked in inventory and tagged with usage data. The EZ-Stop meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI industry standards.

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