Configurable hoist has three motor options

The Scando 650 hoist is a fully modular vertical transport solution available in various configurations, including different doors and gates, drive units, and speeds up to 65 meters/min. Three motor options provide more hoist power while using 40% less energy than its predecessors. The machine has payloads up to 3200 kilograms/car and a maximum lifting height of 400 meters.

Alimak Hek Inc., 800-525-4625,

  • Battery-powered lift transports and positions

    Dandy Lift is a battery-powered lift available in five models with capacities up to 500 lbs. It's clean, quiet, and convenient for transporting, lifting, and positioning loads. Table sizes are 20 in. x 31½ in. and 24 in. x 36 in., with raised heights up to 51 in. Other features include a battery status indicator, onboard charger, and high-speed linear actuator for precise positioning.

    Southworth Products Corp., 800-743-1000,

  • Aerial work platform handles 500 lbs

    The Pro-Fit family now includes the Model 1230ES electric-powered aerial work platform. Energy-saving motors on the front wheels propel the machine up to 3 mph, with hydraulic cylinders providing enough power to lift the platform in 12 sec. The platform has a 12-ft height and 500-lb platform capacity, and can be moved easily from floor to floor in most freight elevators.

    JLG Industries Inc., 877-554-5438,

  • Turn your pickup into a crane

    This hydraulic crane easily loads heavy objects into a truck while enhancing its appearance with a roll bar look. Using an electric/hydraulic pump, the regular unit lifts 650 lbs, while the heavy-duty model handles up to 1000 lbs. A limiting valve in the pump prevents the crane from lifting more weight than the truck can handle. It uses a four-point mount to reduce stress.

    Swift Lift Cranes Ltd., 877-214-9494,

  • System lifts personnel and material

    The Max Climber 6000P hoist system is ideal for projects that require lifting personnel and various materials. It has a lifting capacity of 6000 lbs and holds 35 passengers. The cabin is 156-in. long, 59-in. wide, and 96-in. high. The hoist is available in single- and dual-cabin configurations. The hoist travels up to 1000-ft high and has an overload sensing system to ensure safety.

    Beta Max Inc., 800-233-5112,

  • Extra reach boom has four hook positions

    The extended boom is used with off-road forklift trucks. The boom has four hook positions from 12 ft to 15 ft, and its low-profile design allows for easy storage. The boom's rated capacity ranges from 2000 lbs to 2500 lbs.

    Construction Lifters, a Div. of the Caldwell Group, 800-719-6190,