A crucial part of any masonry business, the trucking operation should not be overlooked or underfunded. An improperly loaded or poorly maintained truck or trailer poses a serious safety hazard to the driver and other motorists and can damage expensive equipment beyond repair. Moreover, being able to deploy trucks and trailers of the appropriate size to meet various needs can enhance a contractor's productivity. The size of the masonry construction firm largely dictates the number, type, and size of the vehicles required. Versatile and economical, full-size pickup trucks are indispensable to masonry contractors. But pickup trucks have their limitations. Check the manufacturer's literature to make sure you currently aren't exceeding the hauling and towing capacities of your pickups. Many masonry contractors meet their hauling and towing needs with 1- and 3-ton flatbed trucks with customized dump bodies. Some contractors, however, don't want to be in the trucking business. Whether or not to move your own heavy equipment from site to site is one of many decisions to make before investing in additional trucks or trailers.