Cast aluminum

Sands cast aluminum levels are precision milled for an accurate work surface and have solid set “Cat's Eye” yellow double bent vials for accuracy. This level will not warp or rust, and handles any work environment. Kraft Tool Co., 800-422-2448,

Self leveling

The DW079KD heavy-duty, self-leveling laser has a rotary head cage with thin struts that eliminate blind spots. The rotary laser provides an accuracy of +/- 1/8 in./100 ft and turns off when no longer level with the original position. The battery-powered powered unit runs 30 hrs. DeWalt, 800-433-9258,

Rotating version

The Roteo 35 self-leveling rotating laser is always precisely aligned in the horizontal or vertical plane, saving time and effort. The product features an integrated motorized mount that quickly adjusts the laser height to precise accuracy with the remote control, and a large leveling range of +/- 9 deg. Leica Geosystems, 770-326-9500,

Optical equipment

The AL220 and AL224 auto levels incorporate metal housings and high-quality optics. The AL220 offers 20X magnification and 0.1-in. accuracy, while the AL224 provides 24X magnification and 0.08-in. accuracy. Both models include an air-dampened compensator that delivers superior accuracy and stability, and a built-in bubble mirror that makes the level easy to see regardless of the auto level position. Spectra Precision, 888-477-7516,

Box beam Box beam

ProSite box beam levels feature a magnified horizontal vial with a large bubble that makes it easier to read accurately. These levels feature a glare resistant setting with a luminous base for easy reading in dimly lit areas. Solid block acrylic vials are readable upside down with the same accuracy as right-side-up. They are shock-proof, leak-proof, and fog-proof. L.S. Starrett Co., 800-541-8887,

Mason friendly Mason friendly

Model 850 has a natural wood frame that can be oiled and easily cleaned. The tool is durable and convenient for masons who often get grout on their levels when they are tapped with the trowel when putting brick or block into place. This sturdy model does not lose accuracy, even when exposed to wear and abuse. Empire Level, 800-558-0722,

Improved model

Improvements to the ZipLevel Pro-2000 make measurements about twice as fast, three times more accurate, and more stable than ever. The product sets up, levels, and reads elevations over 200 ft and 40-ft vertically faster than conventional instruments. It operates from -22º F to 158º F for one year on a 9-V battery. Technidea Corp., 800-805-5383,

Three vials

The LVLP Series feat features an aluminum alloy reinforced frame with three fixed, unbreakable, plumb, magnified, fog-proof acrylic vials. Accuracy is guaranteed to 0.5mm/m in the standard position, and 0.75mm/m inverted. The levels have a bright orange finish and are available in 24-in., 36-in., 48-in., and 72-in. lengths. Keson Industries, 800-345-3766,,