Invisi-Tag specializes in mobile equipment inventory systems using exclusive radio frequency technology to tag, inventory and track equipment. Equipment is tagged and recorded by job, crew and trailer. Once the trailer is loaded, the foreman can run a check from his smart phone or tablet (i.e. Google Nexus S, or Samsung Galaxy tablet) and quickly see if all of the equipment is on board. The same process can be performed before leaving a job site.

"Human error can be a huge source of lost productivity. Invisi-Tag can eliminate this source of frustration by running a quick scan," said Aminur Rahman, senior engineer for Invisi-Tag. "Through Invisi-Tag's unique software that can be loaded on any mobile device, crews can see an automated checklist detecting all the equipment that should be loaded onto the trailer."

Durable tags are positioned on each piece of equipment in an inconspicuous location. One system is used per truck or trailer and each driver is responsible for tracking their own equipment. Invisi-Tag is user friendly and is just as simple as using an application on your smart phone. Plus, there is no monthly service charge.

To learn more about Invisi-Tag products and services for construction operations, visit or phone (248) 562-2037.