KNAACK DataVault is designed to protect your digital assets; Connects BIM Software to the jobsite for increased connectivity and productivity.

Meeting User Needs for Connectivity, Productivity, Mobility and Security
The KNAACK DataVault is a complete storage solution that hosts the hardware and software all in one place, conveniently on the jobsite, providing easy accessibility and greater productivity. It is custom designed for onsite BIM, or current in-use company technology, and includes a 40" monitor, a color-laser printer, retractable keyboard, whiteboards, an array of sliding shelves, a USB switch and hub, a wireless router port, computer tower ports, on-board emergency power and additional technology components necessary to run any project. DataVault enables secure connectivity for all stakeholders, empowering productivity and maximizing ROI of technology investments as it protects against theft, shortens time and distance to a digital hub and withstands jobsite conditions. Additional product highlights include:

• Real-Time Connectivity: With DataVault, professionals can be connected to construction project management technology like never before.
• Increased Productivity: Professionals now have the ability to update and view real-time plans without extended downtime, by accessing blueprints right on the jobsite instead of in a remote trailer.
• Jobsite Mobility: With DataVault, professional contractors and tradesmen can reach any job on the construction site during any stage of the construction. The product fits through a standard 36" wide door frame and the product ships with wheel casters and four crane lift points to help place in position. In addition, standard forklift guides are included.
• Trusted Security: Knaack quality steel boxes bring over 50 years of design knowledge in jobsite security to DataVault to protect against theft and resist jobsite conditions. The product utilizes patented dual Watchman IV independent locking design to secure tools and is built tough with 16 gauge steel for long lasting protection.

• Fits through a standard 36 in wide steel door frame
• Use Accessories Model 500, 497
• After lift brackets are installed, 60.5 long, 30 in wide, 77 in high.
• Includes 40 in Monitor, laser printer with AirPrint, and two power strips
• Power Pass Electrical Pass-Thru grommet provides easy, weatherproof power cord access
• Steel Thickness: 16 gauge (14 gauge floor)
• Powder-coat finish for superior durability and corrosion resistance
• Power Crew in box power supply provides 4 GFCI outlets for safer in-box power.
• Connect, switch and charge mobile devices with a 4port USB hub and 2port USB switch
• Includes UPS back-up power supply for up to 30 minutes of emergency power
• Cabinet weighs 742 lbs when fully loaded with electronics
• Includes wheel casters


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