Bosch continues to advance its innovative SDS-max lineup with the introduction of the new DH712VC Demolition Hammer and 1-3/4-inch RH745 Rotary Hammer. Each new hammer has been upgraded to feature best in class performance in their respective classes due to increased impact energy measured according to European Power Tool Association (EPTA) measurement guidelines.

The hard hitting DH712VC and RH745 are the tools of choice for professionals who demand both efficiency and maximum power from their demolition and rotary hammers. In fact, The DH712VC delivers 9.6 ft. lbs. of impact energy (EPTA) at an unprecedented low weight of only 18.3 lbs.  The RH745 delivers 7.6 ft. lbs. of impact energy (EPTA) improving jobsite efficiency by drilling up to 10 percent faster than its predecessor model, the 11263EVS.

The DH712VC demolition hammer also comes equipped with vibration control through a longer air cushion in the hammer mechanism and an anti-vibration main and side handle. The combination of 3 levels of vibration control help take the stress off of users and offers unmatched ease of use during extended applications.

Both hammers feature the standard SDS-max® chuck and a variable speed dial for improved control during drilling and /or chiseling applications and the vario-lock function which allows the chisel to be rotated to 12 positions to optimize the working angle when hammer is used in chiseling mode. The DH712VC demolition hammer also features a unique trigger design with an auto lock-on switch to eliminate the need to continuously hold down the trigger.

The DH712VC and RH745 will be available in May 2014 at authorized dealers nationwide retailing for $729 and $719 respectively. To find out more or to locate a dealer, visit