In January 2013, SMK Sprayers re-launched their battery-powered, bucket-top spraying product. The C100WOK760 represents a revolutionary shift in liquid spraying efficiencies.

As a designer and manufacturer; SMK prides itself on developing engineered solutions to meet even the most demanding customer needs. The ground-breaking features of this bucket-top sprayer allow contractors to dispense product directly from the original container.

Powered by 18-volt DeWalt cordless tool battery, these sprayers will dispense content in half the time of the old, traditional hand pump, reducing application time contamination, tired arm, clean-up and maintain a consistent flow from the nozzle. Designed with convenience, speed and durability, SMK's battery powered bucket-top sprayers provide a revolutionary way to apply a wide variety of products

Changes in the bucket-top sprayer have improved the ease-of-use, cleanup time and reliability of the product, all while maintaining the most important benefit; a 200 percent increase in efficiency in comparison to hand-pump sprayers

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