• Mechanical model comes in eight lengths

    The Keil mechanical anchor is made from stainless steel and comes in eight lengths, from 4 mm to 15 mm. This undercut anchor is used for natural and artificial stone, porcelain, glass ceramic, and high-pressure laminate. The product is easy to install and safe, with a high pull out rating in various materials.

    Tile Eze USA Inc., 800-476-3737,www.tile-eze.com

  • Helical ground anchors control the situation

    Brace Badger helical ground anchors are designed for the tilt-up and precast wall industries. The anchors are drilled into the ground in a fraction of the time it takes to set up a concrete deadman. They provide complete control of where to place the anchors depending on the wall height, offer immediate load capacity, and are easily removed.

    Meadow Burke Products, 877-518-7665,www.meadowburke.com

  • System strengthens masonry arch bridges

    The Archtec system is a complete diagnostic design and installation service for strengthening masonry arch bridges. The process involves numerical modeling of the bridge and simulation of the loading regime to specify a reinforcing system. A computer model determines the bridge's load carrying capacity in its current state.

    Cintec America Inc., 800-363-6066,www.cintec.com

  • Shields protect trench sidewalls

    Trench shields optimize strength-to-weight ratios while maintaining minimal sidewall thicknesses. Standard shields are available with 3-in. to 8-inch thick walls in an array of heights and lengths. They also feature replaceable push blocks, ½-in. steel reinforcement plates, five spreader sockets, and heavy-duty stacking sockets.

    Speed Shore, 800-231-6662,www.speedshore.com

  • No-mix capsules anchor rebar

    Anchoring capsules are available in a 3-in. x 8-in. long size for holding #5 bars in solid masonry, stone, and concrete. They are encapsulated, pre-mixed thyrotrophic, non-shrink cementitious grouts that have freeze-thaw durability and can be used under water and for overhead applications. The capsules do not require mixing, are fast drying, and harden rapidly.

    Ambex Concrete Technologies, 888-351-7585,www.ambexcorp.com

  • Bolts placed between concrete blocks

    Masonry anchor bolts fit into the head joint of concrete blocks, sitting securely between them rather than in the core. The product won't turn, twist, or pull loose and always sets straight. Single-course and double-course anchorage configurations are available. Several sizes and dimensions fit almost any wall configuration.

    Illinois Products Corp., 800-383-8183,www.illinoisproducts.com