Husqvarna has just launched the new K 760 power cutter. It’s a tool is designed for the tough task, masons must do each day. The redesigned tool features user-friendly enhancements that will increase job site productivity and employee safety. The K 760 is a useful all-around machine and well-suited to most indoor cutting jobs as well as outdoor cutting of concrete and stone when carrying out landscaping, renovations or new construction projects.

The new power features a further enhanced power/weight ratio. The new engine cylinder is designed to increase the power cutter’s capacity and reduce emissions have been reduced by 15% compared to the previous model. The additional cooling fin enables the tool to maintain optimal operating temperatures, making it less sensitive to environmental temperature changes.

Masons will immediately recognize the new K760 enhancements. Its digital ignition system facilitates better startability and a smoother engine when running. Engineers also integrated the fast idle lock in choke to makes starting easier.

The new K 760 has one of the best vibration ratings on the market, at <2.5m/s². This means the operator will not be fatigued as quickly and can finish projects more efficiently. The new, lighter blade guard made of magnesium assists in better balance and contributes to the overall lower weight. The blade guard can also be adjusted, making operation and altering cutting positions easier. The guard also contains a reversible blade bushing that allows mason to easily switch between blades with different center holes.

The wet cutting kit with a progressive valve significantly increases dust control. The progressive valve is fitted with distinct end positions, making it easy for masons to set the exact water flow for each application.

The new K 760 hosts a number of features that were cutting edge on the previous K 760: the low-emissions X-Torq engine, the effective Active Air Filtration cleaning system and SmartCarb, the advanced carburetor which automatically controls fuel/air mixtures to always give the engine maximum power. These updates apply to all machines in the K 760 power cutter range: K 760, K 760 Oilguard, K 760 Cut-n-Break.

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