Natural and manufactured stone veneer products are becoming more popular. With so many new products coming into the jobsite so quickly, this segment of the masonry industry has lacked consistent standards and installation guidelines. Fortunately, the industry is working toward standardization through several efforts. And they're paying off.

The Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association (MVMA) has worked “to advance the growth of the manufactured masonry veneer products industry through proactive technical, advocacy, and awareness efforts,” since 2006. The new MVMA Installation Guidelines, available at the association's Web site, serve as a practical field guide for working with manufactured stone veneer products.

The association has also worked to clarify masonry veneer installation requirements in the International Residential Code (IRC) with new requirements that are now included in the 2009 IRC. The MVMA will be proposing complimentary clarifications for the International Building Code (IBC) which will be considered for the 2012 edition of the IBC.

Parallel efforts are taking place at ASTM, with subcommittees C15.11.01 developing a product standard for Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer Units, and C15.05.11 creating a standard for installing Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer. Committee tee C-15 on Manufactured Masonry Units will meet in Vancouver, B.C., June 18 to discuss further product standards.

For more on these efforts, visit or Below are some stone veneer products you might find of interest.

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Natural stone line

The spectrum of natural stone in Door County, Wis., creates a full line of landscaping and building stone for aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior finishes. Stone is available in full veneer from 3½- to 4½-in. depths, and thin veneer from ¾ to 1 ¼ in. Choose from a range of naturally weathered textures, colors, and sizes when customizing your building stone blends.

Door County Custom Stone Inc. 920-825-7557.

Granite veneers

Glacial till granite found only near the headwaters of the Mississippi River boasts 290 natural colors, blended in interesting veins and speckles. Geologists note that granite from this region has the most color variation of any granite in the world. Veneers are available in various finishes and sizes: flat ¾-in. or 2-in.; split-faced 1- to 3-in.; and cobble 1- to 3-in. or thick 3- to 7-in.

RealStone Mfg. Inc. 218-694-6207.