Along with a strong educational program, the SAIA convention featured a vibrant trade show. Here is a short list of the new products about which you will be learning more in the next few weeks on this web site.

Elevator Side Bracket exhibited by Metaltech  This modular product is attached to a scaffold creating work platform that follows a mason’s work to the top of the platform.

Kenco Winch exhibited by Lifting Up This is a light/medium duty winch with a maximum speed of 210fpm.

Scaffold Rack offered by Scaffold Rack  A new scaffold transportation design to offer a high load rating and extreme rigidity.

Pyrascaf presented by Pyrascaf, Ltd, is a modular portable scaffolding system that eases set-up in confined areas. New to the US, the system is well-designed for specialty contracting work.

Pilosio SPA exhibited their well respected Italian scaffolding system for the first time in the United States. They have been offering their product in Canada for about a year with great success.