Water-resistive barrier

This water-resistive barrier (WRB) ensures long-term durability and fade-resistance. The Delta-Fassade S is the first WRB to protect against sun or ultraviolet-light damage. One layer provides top performance under cladding with joints up to 2 in. wide. The product comes in rolls 4 ft. to 11 in. wide by 164 ft. long, with specialized tape and flashing to ensure UV resistance and water tightness.

DELTA. 888-433-5824. www.delta-fassades.com.

Lightweight rotary hammer drill

Weighing less than 7 lbs., the TE 7 Rotary Hammer Drill has impressive power-to-weight ratio, low vibration, and it allows professionals to drill non-stop. It is ideal when the job calls for repetitive anchor hole drilling in concrete and masonry. The optional, self-contained dust removal system (Hilti TE DRS-M) clips onto the TE 7 and helps reduce the operator's exposure to dust.

Hilti. 800-363-4458. www.hilti.ca.

Tuckpointing diamond blades

By combining tall segments and a diamond/metal mix with a sandwich-blade, the manufacturer has created 4-, 4 1/2- and 5-in. diameter tuckpointing blades for hand-held grinders. These eight-segment blades' cutting depths range from 3/4 in. for 4-in. blades to 1 1/4 in. for 5 in. blades. The blades have high-diamond content to cut mortar and remove discarded concrete and other debris.

Bosch Power Tool Corp. 877-267-2499. www.boschtools.com.

Glare-free light diffuser

Meet safety requirements for glare-free lighting with the GB2000, GloBug Diffuser. The product connects to the manufacturer's towable light tower's electrical system and attaches to the mast T-bar in place of the original light fixtures. The assembly uses an industrial fan to inflate a balloon that encloses two 1000-watt metal halide lamps. Light shines up to 300 ft. with 360-degree illumination that eliminates glare and shadows.

Multiquip. 800-421-1244. www.multiquip.com.

Taper-Lock Splicing System

The Taper-Lock Splicing System eliminates the need for a torque wrench. The coupler self-aligns onto the taper-threaded rebar, allowing the system to be hand-tightened. To mechanically splice the system, the couplers utilize a proprietary, tapered thread on the rebar and mating couplers. The Taper-Lock Splicing System is a 160% specified yield system, which exceeds specified strengths of most building codes.

Dayton Superior. 800-745-3700. www.daytonsuperior.com.