High-speed wet polisher

The PWE 11-100 wet polisher features electronic speed stabilization for increased productivity, a thumbwheel for speed preselection, and electronic soft start. The polisher has several safety features, including power interruption protection and a GFCI integrated in the tool's cord for electrical safety during wet grinding. Weighing 5.2 lbs., the polisher offers an adjustable D-shaped handle that allows the operator to work comfortably over a prolonged period of time.

Metabo Corp. 800-638-2264. www.metabousa.com.

Crack stitch masonry repair kit

The Crack Stitching Kit contains the necessary components for effective stitching of cracked masonry. Bonding HeliBar stainless steel bars into appropriate bed joints or cut slot stabilizes the masonry and redistributes tensile loads to minimize further development of the crack and reduce the likelihood of nearby cracking. The kit leaves masonry flexible enough to accommodate natural building movement and is suitable for all types of masonry including listed and historic structures and those with lime mortar.

HELIFIX. 330-562-2647.www.helifix.com.

Hydraulic rotary hammer drill

This Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill delivers 3400 blows per minute for percussion drilling of masonry. This tool uses SDS-Plus shank carbide tipped bits up to 1 in. diameter for cost-effective drilling of concrete anchor holes and thru-holes.

CS Unitec. 800-700-5919. www.csunitec.com.

Low-voltage handheld spotlight

The Magnalight HL-85-HID-110V HID spotlight for voltage ranges from 110-277 VAC for operators that need high-powered handheld spotlights that will run from a standard wall outlet. The product uses an inline transformer, enabling users to plug the spotlight into a conventional 120-volt wall outlet or a 110-volt outlet from their vehicle's inverter.

Larson Electronics. 800-369-6671. www.mangalight.com.

Motorized sand cleaning rake

Keep free of sand debris with the Shake n' Rake SNR-10, a motorized sand cleaning rake. The ¼-in. screen sifts tiny debris, and there is an optional 3/8 in. screen for damp locations. The Shake 'n Rake's high-speed, up-and-down shaking motion mimics the manual lofting of the sand that was formerly done by hand.

Berto. (541) 826-8301. www.shakenrake.com.