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Waterproofing system becomes part of wall

Hey'Di K-11 is a breathable, two-part, polymer-modified waterproofing for masonry and concrete. With a texture and consistency similar to concrete, it can be brush or spray-applied, and crystallizes to become an integral part of the wall. The product protects against hydrostatic water pressure in both below- and above-grade applications.

Product mixes, pumps, and sprays

The SP 11DMB is used to mix, pump, and spray mortar, plaster, stucco, grout, and fireproofing material. The multi-mixer rotor stator worm pump has a delivery pressure up to 363 psi, with a maximum distance of 394 ft and a height of 197 ft. The mixer swivels so the material can flow right into the pumping hopper.

Cold-applied sealant comes in 50 colors

DynaTred seals joints in parking decks, ramps, walkways, stadiums, and warehouses. The cold-applied, urethane elastomeric sealant is non-sagging, cures initially in 6 hrs, and is ready for traffic in 48 hrs. It is rated for water immersion and available in 50 different colors.

Precut flashing installs quickly

Moistop brick flashing features black polyethylene on both sides to shield a fiberglass reinforced core that resists curling and cracking, both before and after installation. The product is precut in 12-in. and 18-in. widths, and installs quickly with just a utility knife, hammer, and fasteners.

Hollow block system builds retaining walls

The basic unit in this hollow block system is 3-ft tall and 8-ft wide and weighs 5800 lbs. The system enables fast, easy, low-cost retaining wall installation. Stone infill provides connection strength and a fully integrated drainage system.

Taking temperatures in the field

The 62 Mini infrared thermometer instantly measures the surface temperature of virtually anything, which can help in making decisions about protecting fresh concrete and aid in gauging its strength gain or maturity. The battery-operated hand tool is fast, accurate, easy to use, and can read temperatures up to 6-ft away. The cost is about $100.

Hoist incorporates several safety features

The Max Climber 2000 rack and pinion hoist comes standard with a push button pendant and upper and lower limit switch assembly, enabling easy movement that stops when limit switches are activated. It's also equipped with a downward interruption sensor, ground personnel safety alert, and over-speed brakes. Accommodating a maximum payload of 2000 lbs, the hoist can travel up to 400 ft and has a standard basket size of 57 in. x 52 in.

Rebar connector reduces injuries

The Bartarget connects rebar in masonry walls while eliminating splice tying and reducing the number of splices. There is no need to lift block over rebar, which reduces muscular skeletal stress. The target cones (sized for #3, #4, and #5 rebar) center and guide the rebar, while the measured separator strap ensures the right overlap. It is used with 8-, 10-, or 12-in. block.

Repair mortar forms strong bond

SHB-200AP is a single-component, polymer-modified repair mortar for vertical or overhead repairs of concrete or masonry. The cementitious product contains low-density, lightweight aggregates to allow high build, thicker application passes without sag or the need for layering. Polymeric additives in the mix provide improved bonding, stand up to freeze/thaw cycling, and eliminate the need for using a separate mixing additive.