Software technology paves the way

PaverScape visualizing software allows landscape designers see what their finished project will look like before the work begins. Using a digital photograph of the job as a starting point, the areas to be paved are defined and the software does the work of showing the completed project. In addition, it calculates how many units will be required.

Pine Hall Brick, 800-334-8689,

Book details segmental retaining walls

Building Outdoor Environments with Retaining Walls is a 128-page installation and idea book. Color images follow a detailed guide for installing segmental retaining walls for projects like back yards, front entryways, patios, gardens, outdoor kitchens, and walkways.

Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems, 800-770-4525,

Extension cord includes three outlets

The Cord Runner features three evenly spaced outlets and has a heavy-duty, 14-ga STW outdoor rated cord that is durable, reliable, and flexible, even in cold weather. The extension cord is available in 6-ft and 25-ft lengths and is equipped with lights on each of the three outlets to indicate the power is on.

Coleman Cable Inc., 800-323-9355,

Truck cover provides easy access

This truck cover is made from aluminum alloy and is well-suited for construction workers and engineers. Its load-bearing surface, combined with internal structural support, is capable of sustaining up to 1600 lbs. The cover is designed with three panels and installation/removal is quick and easy. Front and rear panels allow access to both ends of the truck bed, while offering the ability to fold back one panel to open a portion of the space for hauling.

DiamondBack Truck Covers, 800-935-4002,

Drainage system serves several markets

The Dura Slope trench drain system for decorative grates is engineered to intercept and collect surface water runoff and is compatible with 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-in. pipe. The system consists of an inline catch basin, 24 pre-sloped channel sections, and 9 neutral channel sections. It is constructed from ductile iron with an electrostatic coating. The decorative system is used for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal drainage needs.

NDS Inc., 800-726-1994,

Site dumper handles numerous materials

The PT2000 is a forward-dump, multi-purpose unit for moving a variety of materials, including dirt, clay, sand, stone, and concrete. The compact site dumper uses a 3/1 manual transmission combined with a Kubota diesel and offers a payload capacity of 4409 lbs.

Terex Construction Americas, 662-393-1800,

Multi-purpose hammer features five points

This slide hammer features five interchangeable points – diamond, narrow chisel, wide chisel, tamper, and tire bead breaker. The tool is used for digging, cutting, driving, chipping, and compacting. It is powered by a manually-operated, impact-generating handle with a stroke of about 24 in. The easily controlled tool does not bounce back upon impact and maintains a constant point of contact with the intended target.

Callander Equipment, 61-7-4098-5070,

Wall buck inserts come fully assembled

Masonry wall buck inserts made of high-strength PVC help builders create poured foundation walls while minimizing labor, saving money, and creating a building that is protected against flooding. The insert is available in a range of sizes and come ready to install.

Smart Vent Inc., 877-441-8368,