Concrete walls look like rock

This concrete wall system is built with form liners molded from natural rock faces and is durable and environmentally friendly. The form liners provide a wide range of natural patterns and textures to create a cost-effective, easy-to-attach, lightweight alternative to natural stone.

Custom Rock Formliner, 800-637-2447,

Telehandlers lift, carry, and place

M Series telehandlers feature long reach, superior power, operator comfort, improved serviceability, and enhanced visibility. Built with a low profile, low-boom design, they meet a variety of lift-and-place and lift-and-carry requirements. They work in tight, hard-to-reach spaces in both commercial and residential construction. Equipped with IVECO engines, they have a turning radius of 153 in. and feature three steering modes for improved maneuverability.

New Holland Construction, 866-726-3396,

Chimney pots decorate the roofline

Chimney pots add character and interest to the roofline and overall exterior. Installation is simple and prices start around $300. New and antique chimney pots are available in hundreds of styles, finishes, and styles, ranging from 18-in. to over 6-ft tall. Custom pots, as well as matching terra cotta rain guards, are available., 724-345-3601,

Measuring wheel folds in half

The MP401E electronic measuring wheel features a backlit LCD display that reads in feet and inches, continuous inches, decimal feet, or metric units. The unit is accurate to within 2 in. at 100 ft, folds in half for easy storage, and weighs just 7 lbs. Other features include a patent-pending thumb grip and built-in kickstand.

Keson Industries, 800-345-3766,

Filter works on several fuel types

The Mr. Funnel fuel filter removes water, dirt, and debris, which enhances an engine's efficiency, performance, and longevity. The product combines an anti-static polypropylene funnel with a fluoropolymer-coated stainless steel filter. A sump area collects the deflected water and contaminants for easy cleaning and inspection. The filter comes in several sizes and works on gas, diesel, two-cycle mixed gas, kerosene, and heating oil.

Mr. Funnel Inc., 772-287-6157,

Anchor fastens to solid or hollow materials

The HIT-HY 10 adhesive anchor system is a versatile, fast-curing solution for non-specified fastening points. It allows users to fasten into solid or hollow base materials (with screen tubes).

Hilti Inc., 800-879-8000,

Grout capsules anchor #5 rebar

Anchoring capsules are offered in a ½-in. x 8-in. long size for anchoring #5 rebar in solid masonry, stone, and concrete. They are encapsulated, pre-mixed thyrotrophic, non-shrink cementitious grouts that have freeze-thaw durability and can be used under water and for overhead applications. The capsules do not require mixing, are fast drying, and harden rapidly.

Ambex Concrete Technologies 888-351-7585,

Ceramic masonry works with most walls

Quik-Base is a durable ceramic masonry product used to replace the substrate and rubber, vinyl, or ceramic tile base course. The extruded clay masonry unit has a glazed finish and is impact and chemical resistant. Compatible with most types of wall systems, it never needs refinishing, won't emit toxic or noxious fumes, has zero flame spread, and the color never fades.

Elgin-Butler Brick Co., 512-285-3356,