Mechanical anchor available in two sizes

The Power-Stud + SD2 carbon steel bolt is a one-piece, fully threaded wedge anchor that is designed for concrete and masonry applications. The mechanical anchor is available in 3/8-in. and 5/8-in diameters and meets International Building Code requiarements. ? Powers Fastners Inc., 914-235-630,

AutoCAD virtually creates wall sections

This AutoCAD tool features a block library that enables architects and designers to construct a wall using the company?s ICF products. Users can virtually stack blocks and view walls from any angle and then create comprehensive construction documents, with elevation, plan, and wall section details. The tool is available for download on the company?s Web site. ? Reward Wall Systems Inc., 800-468-6344,

Coating protects masonry and concrete

ComfortDRY LC is an elastomeric, high-build waterproof coating for masonry and concrete surfaces. Its UV-resistant film bridges cracking and protects walls against moisture infiltration, both above-grade and below-grade. It can be texturized to provide various styles and finishes to enhance the beauty of the application. ? HouseGuard Waterproofing, 800-560-5701,

Barrier membrane applied directly onto substrates

Perm-A-Barrier VP is a fluid-applied, acrylic air barrier membrane sprayed directly onto substrates like concrete and masonry to provide continuous air tightness and water protection throughout the wall assembly. Acting as a drainage plane while allowing water vapor to escape, the barrier forms a fully adhered, breathable membrane for use in above-grade wall assemblies. Minimal surface preparation is needed. ? Grace Construction Products, 877- 423-6491,

Vacuum creates a dust-free environment

The CFM 125 industrial vacuum is durable, lightweight, and maintains a dust-free environment. The plasticconstructed vacuum is powered by two, 800-W motors and is used with various surface preparation tools and equipment. The unit has an oversized main filter, external filter shaker, and paper bag filter for fine dust collection. ? Nilfisk-Advance America, 800-645- 3475,

Mixing and dispensing adhesives and sealants

On-demand mixing and dispensing systems are available for two-component reactive adhesives, sealants, and resins. Included are dual cartridges, dispensing gun, and static mixer. The dual cartridges isolate the two components until needed. The static mixer is a narrow cylinder tube that contains the elements and forces the materials to combine. The gun applies pressure via a plunger to the contents of the dual cartridges. ? Adhesive Packaging Specialties, 800-222-1117,