Mortar grouts artificial stone

Stone Veneer Mortar is used for setting and grouting artificial stone on horizontal or vertical concrete or concrete masonry substrates. It is polymer-modified to greatly improve the adhesion of the mortar and stones to the substrate, especially in vertical applications. Simply add water to create a mortar that is consistent and smooth.

Mast climber needs fewer tie-ins

The KPM-8 mast climber uses fewer anchorages than other systems, so there is less repair work after the job is finished. The unit has a freestanding capability up to 100 ft. It features rack and pinion drive and a load capacity up to 11,500 lbs, or 22,000 lbs in a twin-mast configuration.

Software shows the finished product

PaverScape visualizing software enables landscape designers and their customers to see what the finished patio, walkway, or driveway will look like with clay pavers in place before the work begins. Customers can choose from 24 styles of pavers laid in one of six patterns. The program is free.

Lightweight bricks create unique wall

Thin Bricks capture the authentic, rough, handmade texture of full-sized units without requiring costly reinforcement of walls or foundations. They are easy to install and can transform vertical surfaces to mimic many masonry colors and styles, including European villas and southern plantations. The bricks are made from lightweight concrete, weigh less than 1 lb/piece, and are ¾-in. thick. Each brick is produced to ensure no repetition within 80 sq ft.

Catalog features safety products

This company's industrial catalog provides a large array of safety products and quality replacement parts. It includes Mechanix Wear gloves, safety vests, cones, back supports, ergonomic mats, and first-aid kits; and Elvex safety glasses, earmuffs, face shields, hard hats, and ear plugs.

Oversized concrete units available in many colors

The Optimum Series oversized concrete units provide a bolder, more dynamic look than standard masonry. All units are 4-in. deep and available in full-face split, ultra burnished, or custom smooth face styles. Corners come standard or mitered. The expansive color selection includes natural, standard or premium decorative masonry colors, or premier ultra burnished masonry colors.

Masonry units look like real stone

Shot Blast masonry units resemble the look of real stone to provide an architecturally exposed aggregate finish in fine and coarse textures. Sixteen standard colors are available, including crystal white, natural beige, grand south, blue stone, mountain sand, and walnut. The units are manufactured in 12 shapes, including sill, return corner, half-high, bond beam, and oversized solid veneer.

Grout compensates for shrinkage

Speccrete construction utility grade grout is a non-shrink, non-metallic, cementitious product used to compensate for the normal shrinkage of mortar and concrete, and to absorb and minimize the effects of vibration on foundations. The NS version is specially modified for precast bedding grout applications. The grout is non-corrosive and non-staining.

Never sharpen a pencil again

Superpencil is the next-generation carpenter pencil that never needs sharpening because it is 100% solid writing material. There is no wood enclosure and it lasts seven times longer than traditional wood pencils. Its non-toxic graphite composition marks wood, paper, and concrete. Lines are water- and smudge-resistant.

Simple-to-use masonry arch form

The patent-pending ArchClip lets one mason build an arch in just a few simple steps. First, attach the clips to the wall, then place the 16-ga metal strip into the clips to complete the arch form. Install the bricks and remove the strip once the arch is built. The bricks don't rest on the window.