Grout encapsulates steel reinforcement

This self-consolidating grout has high fluidity at a low water content and doesn't require mechanical vibration to consolidate the material. It completely fills cavities while encapsulating all steel reinforcement. The product is designed for low- and high-lift grouting, and can be mixed onsite from the company's silos.

Telescopic handler reaches four stories

The Model 842 telescopic handler is a four-story machine with a 42-ft lift height. This 8000-lb machine features pilot-operated joystick controls, tilt cylinder, and an optional work platform system, which can include a radio remote boom control. Additional features are a rear-axle stabilizer cylinder and axles with internal wet disc brakes that dissipate heat more efficiently.

Book details retaining walls

Building Outdoor Environments with Retaining Walls is a new 128-page idea book with color images that follow a detailed guide for installing retaining walls in projects like back yards, front entryways, patios, gardens, outdoor kitchens, and walkways. The segmental retaining wall publication is available from Schiffer Books.

Epoxy beautifies and protects

Tigerbond 221 is a two-component epoxy-polyamide floor sealer that protects, beautifies, and strengthens concrete, brick, wood, and metal floors. The high-solids, easy-to-apply epoxy provides a durable, cleanable, light-reflective floor with good adhesion and protective qualities.

Veneer-specific mortar available in colors

A mortar specifically formulated for veneer applications and tuckpointing of stone and thin brick is a contractor-grade blend of portland cement, hydrated lime, and masonry sand. The mortar is used in mortar joint applications, as a bonding coat to adhere stone to a wall, and as a 3/8-in. to ½-in. scratch coating. The mortar comes standard in gray, but can be colored.