Give yourself an edge by staying on top of the latest masonry materials, tools, equipment, and services. Take a look at our latest selections including pins, breakers, clips and more.

Aerial work platform easily moved

The Pro-Fit family now includes the Model 1230ES electric powered aerial work platform. Energy-saving motors on the front wheels propel the machine up to 3 mph, with hydraulic cylinders providing enough power to lift the platform in 12 sec. The platform has a 12-ft height and 500-lb platform capacity, and is moved easily from floor-to-floor in most freight elevators.

Handheld breakers available in three versions

The CP 1210 handheld breaker series serves light-to-medium demolition of masonry walls, floors, pavement, and frozen ground. These 35-lb class breakers provide 20% more hitting power than previous models. Each product requires 59 cfm of air and delivers 1400 bpm. The series is offered in three versions: basic, silenced, and vibration-reduced.

Pin stabilizes masonry walls

The Heli-Pin anchor stabilizes brick and masonry walls and makes invisible repairs to building façades. These corrosion-resistant, stainless steel anchors provide a mechanical connection between masonry façades and the underlying base material, and serve as reinforcement for missing or corroded ties. They can be embedded into mortar joints, are available in a variety of lengths and diameters, and are easily installed in concrete and masonry with no exposed hardware.

Interactive 3D graphics simplify design

The Estimator 7.5 features interactive 3D graphics that allow the user to see the elements of the project in real time. The user can zoom, rotate, and go inside the exploded view to examine components from the inside out with a click of the mouse.

Single control operates telescopic handler

The VR-843C telescopic material handler is powered by a turbocharged 110-hp engine, and has a 43-ft lift height, forward reach of 28 ft, and reach below grade of 2 ft, 10 in. Hydraulics provide control of the load throughout the boom lifting range, resulting in accelerated telescopic action. A single joystick comes standard on this 8000-lb lift capacity machine.

Crane equipped with greater lifting capacity

The PK 60002 HPLS has 12% more lifting capacity with only a 1% increase in dead weight, compared with the previous model. The high-tensile steel, extendable boom has a maximum reach of nearly 67 ft. The rig comes with automatically tilting stabilizers, load-sensing hydraulics, remote-control operation, and overload protection system.

Bar end threading not needed

Lenton Lock, an in-situ rebar splice, does not require bar end threading, sawing, or swaging. The coupler features gripping technology for the development of full rebar strength and structural integrity in tension, compression, and stress-reversal applications. The splice is installed with a standard or impact wrench, and the bolt heads shear off when proper tightness is reached.

Clips hold weld plates

EZClips hold weld plates in position during grouting, which prevents blowouts and misalignments. When the flush plate is set, the connecting steel or ledger is in full contact with the plate and masonry surface for better welding and reduced vibration. The exposed face of the clip is easily removed after grouting. The clips are low cost, lightweight, and easy to handle.

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Restore and resurface various structures

Abocrete epoxy patching and resurfacing cement/grout restores various structures, including concrete, masonry, decks, runways, and docks. Provided in 5-gal. kits, the material is not affected by saltwater, oils, and chemicals and can be used in any thickness – from a few millimeters to more than 1 ft. The substance is usable without sand for priming and coating, or can be extended up to 10 times with graded sand and gravel or stones.

Stain remover restores masonry

Pour-N-Restore's micro-extraction technology locks onto deeply embedded oil molecules and moves them to the surface. No scrubbing or rinsing is necessary. This stain remover is designed for concrete and masonry driveways, garage floors, walkways, patio paving block, and stone. The product is biodegradable and phosphate-free, and removes stains left by oil, grease, antifreeze, brake fluid, and roofing tar.