Two products fill stone wall cracks

Concrete Repair Compounds have been formulated to fill cracks in construction projects such as pool decks and stone walls. The low viscosity CR-2000 compound flows and fills thin cracks easily and provides excellent adhesion to most structural materials. The CR-2100 is a non-sag compound that won't run when applied to vertical surfaces and is used to anchor and fasten bolts, dowels, and pins.AquaBond, LLC, 714-961-1420,

Liquid finish applied over brick and concrete

Liquid Stone is an easily applied product for concrete, brick, and other materials. The finish offers a combination of selected natural stone aggregates and a proprietary acrylic-based cross-linked polymer for durability and slip- and crack-resistance. The finish can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces, inside or outside. No demolition is involved, and the product is pre-mixed and ready to pour with no messy prep work.Fluid Stone, 619-933-7640,

Telehandler reaches three stories

The V638 telehandler features a three-section boom that extends more than 38 ft and a 6700-lb load capacity. Optional front stabilizers improve side-to-side stability when lifting on uneven ground, while three steering modes help operators maneuver quickly.Bobcat, an Ingersoll Rand Co., 866-832-7898,

Repellent includes water vapor permeability

Silblock WSR water repellent treats masonry construction materials and is used in a variety of applications, including concrete, building restorations, bridge decking, patios and sidewalks, roofing tiles, and interior countertops. Using a silicone-based emulsion that combines water resistance and oil resistance properties, the repellent also has water vapor permeability, allowing surfaces to breathe.GE Advanced Materials, 800-295-2392,

Diamond blades cut faster

The new Laser Fusion line of diamond blades cut up to 30% faster. The patented manufacturing process uses laser-generated heat to fuse an exclusive mixture of synthetic diamonds and bonding material directly to the blade core. The blades also feature progressive segment spacing for more aggressive cutting, while segmented gullets clear the cutting path for faster, cleaner, and cooler cuts.Bosch Power Tools and Accessories, 877-267-2499,