Mortar used for overhead repairs
V.O. repair mortar can be built up to 2 in. in overhead and vertical repairs without the need for formwork. The one-component, hydraulic cement mortar is self-curing, bonds well to existing substrates, and remains resistant to water and freeze-thaw cycles. It also contains a corrosion inhibitor.

  • Bonsal American, 800-738-1621,
  • Blade cuts several materials
    The Intimidator masonry blade cuts terra cotta sewer pipes, reinforced concrete, brick, and slate. The reciprocating saw blade is ideal for cutting hard masonry materials in tight areas. One blade can cut up to 100 brick. It is offered in 6.5-, 8.5-, 10.5-, and 12.5-in. lengths to accommodate 6-, 8-, and 10-in. stem walls.

  • Flush-Cut Inc., 707-632-6854,
  • Ties serve almost any wall

    A line of wall ties is manufactured to meet the requirements of various pouring methods. Made from cold rolled steel, the ties yield a minimum pull strength of 7200 pounds. The ties come in two-, three- and four-hole varieties, as well as round end, breakback, and reusable versions.

  • Wall-Ties & Forms Inc., 800-444-9692,
  • Removing concrete from surfaces
    Poof! is an acid-free liquid dissolver that removes hardened concrete from forms, mixers, tools, hand rails, tile, clothing, patio screens, and more. Just apply the product with a brush or sprayer. After it penetrates the surface, the concrete softens and begins to pull away. After 25–30 minutes, rinse with a power washer. Reapplication may be needed for extra-thick buildups.

  • Kover Krete Systems/Contract Packaging, 407-246-7797,
  • Telescopic boom reaches 40 feet
    The S-60 HC telescopic boom offers more than 40 ft of outreach. It has a full range of motion up to 750 pounds, and supports platform loads up to 1250 pounds. Ideal for moving heavy loads in and out of hard-to-reach areas, this option is available for the company's S-Series machines.

  • Genie Industries Inc., 800-536-1800,