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Motorized wheelbarrow moves at 3.5 mph

Powered by a 5.5-hp gasoline engine, the Boxer 106 is a compact four-wheel drive wheelbarrow for moving a variety of materials over rough terrain. The product can climb a 30-deg incline when fully loaded. The wheelbarrow has a travel speed up to 3.5 mph and includes a 10-cu-ft bucket with a capacity of 850 lbs. Compact Power Inc., 800-476-9673,

Color-coded blades match saw type, application

These 12-in. and 14-in. diameter spilt segment blades have more exit points for dust particles. Doubling the number of segments reduces the angle of contact to the material and provides faster cutting with lower vibration. Each blade is color coded according to the type of saw it is designed for and its application. Wacker Neuson, 800-770-0957,

Splitter cuts bricks and pavers

Brick Buster is used for cutting masonry units on the jobsite. The splitter cuts bricks and pavers at any angle with a 10-in. wide blade. Other features include a removable pin which quickly adjusts the height to one of three positions. Finer changes can be made with an adjustment screw. Bon Tool Co., 800-444-7060,

Design prevents moisture problems

Quik-Brik single-wythe masonry units have been reworked with a “V” design that angles the top web surfaces toward the center. This configuration directs rain and water to the middle of the unit, which protects interior walls from moisture and mold growth. The units offer quick installation, color consistency, conformance to building codes, and energy efficiency. Oldcastle Architectural Inc., 800-899-8455,

Brick provides antique look

Thin Brick is only ¾-in. thick, but looks like true, rustic handmade brick. The antique-looking brick is applicable for interior/exterior, new construction/renovation projects. It is available in four authentic brick colors: Low Country, Oyster Bay, Rustic Manor, and Tuscan Blend. Boral Bricks Inc., 800-526-7255,

Device makes the difficult read

RM Power is a field measurement device equipped with advanced multimode EDM and a mobile phone style keypad. It accurately measures difficult targets, such as wall corners and remote steel or concrete structures. Leica Geosystems, 800-367-9453,

Tire liner self seals

The QuickGel self-sealing polyurethane liner for skid steers and telehandlers provides protection from punctures up to 5/16-in. diameter. The liner has extra shoulder coverage for lateralal punctures, optimized protection in high-risk areas of the tire, and maximum protection in the tread area versus the tread center line. Arnco, 800-821-4147,

Joint sealant bonds to metal and plastic

Sonolastic 150 VLM is a hybrid joint sealant with the ability to accept significant thermal movement. It provides a surface that accommodates acrylic coatings and bonds to plastic, metal, and existing sealant residues. The product is weather resistant, has little to no detectible odor, and is particularly useful for restoration projects. BASF Corp., 800-669-2273,

ICF bucks create windows and doors

A series of ICF products slide into the interior dovetail grooves found on all the company's forms, quickly creating window and door openings and leaving a single substrate for finishing. The bucks are molded with two embedded furring strip inserts for directly attaching window and door frames. They eliminate the need for wood or plastic products, while preventing concrete leaks and formwork bulges. IntegraSpec, 800-382-9102,