The votes are in and the winners in the 2007 “Most Innovative Products” (MIP) contest have been announced. Held each year at World of Masonry/ World of Concrete, the 5th annual MIP contest showcased many of the new products being exhibited at the Las Vegas event.

The Attendees' Choice awards were given to the products that received the highest number of votes. In addition, each product was given points from a panel of industry experts based only on innovation, which determined the Experts' Choice awards

The following descriptions present the winners in the masonry-related categories.

Masonry Materials

Attendees' Choice: Soil Retention Systems Inc.–Flexible pavement system

Drivable Grass is a pavement system manufactured from poly-reinforced concrete and designed to flex and conform to irregular ground surface contours. Pre-manufactured holes and cracks allow for root penetration through the mat, which enables permeability, flexibility, and plantability. The system is designed for areas where a permeable, vegetated vehicle access or parking surface is required.Soil Retention Systems Inc., 800-346-7995,

Experts' Choice: Reward Wall Systems–ICF masonry anchor

The TieKey is an easy-to-install, cast-in-place, adjustable ICF masonry tie anchor embedded into an ICF-formed concrete wall. It provides strength and security when installing brick or stone veneer finishes. Available in hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel, it works hand-in-hand with the company's wire tie. Reward Wall Systems, 800-468-6344,

Business Tools

Attendees' Choice: Amvic Building Systems–Integrated engineering software

This design software checks structural integrity of the company's ICF walls, lintels, and floor and roof system by calculating whether variable values input by the user are acceptable per the selected building code. The visually interactive product reflects inputs on a CAD drawing in real-time. The software has built-in text and graphic report outputs for complete transparency on the analysis and design checks.Amvic Building Systems, 877-470-9991,

Experts' Choice: Quest Solutions Inc.–Real-time building software

Interactive 3-D visual assemblies enhance the company's existing technology by building in real time. Each component appears as it is added. An exploded view allows viewing of all elements of a project. The elements also can be separated, zoomed in on, and rotated. It's even possible to go inside the exploded view to examine the project from the inside out. As the cursor is passed over each building component, descriptive hover text appears.Quest Solutions Inc., 800-452-2342,

Masonry Tools & Equipment

Attendees' Choice: PowerBlanket LLC–Lightweight mason blanket

With temperatures reaching 120° F, the 10-ft x 10-ft heated mason blanket eases winter working conditions. Masons can heat sand piles, water barrels, mortar mix, mixers, and tools and equipment in cold temperatures. The technology can thaw up to 8 in. of ground frost overnight. Each blanket weighs 15 lbs, and two can be plugged together for large areas.PowerBlanket LLC, 877-927-6432,

Experts' Choice: Stonesmith Patented Systems Inc.–Splice device

Bartarget is made of ultra-high impact plastic and is a fast, safe, simple device that ensures rebar splice overlaps are code-compliant. It eliminates splice tying and lifting block over rebar. Additional benefits include increasing mason productivity, saving construction costs, reducing muscular skeletal stress, and reducing exposure to worksite injuries. Designed for use with 8-, 10-, or 12-in. block, the product consists of target cones and a measured separator strap.Stonesmith Patented Systems Inc., 757- 270-9979,