The 2007 contest includes some of the most significant materials and equipment to burst upon the scene since last year's show and conference. These products run the gamut from big to small, from high-tech to low-tech, and from high-priced to low-priced. However, the products all have one common trait: They represent new ways to meet construction challenges and improve efficiency and profitability.

Voting for the “Most Innovative Products” is quick and easy. Check out the various products at the Las Vegas show and then mark the MIP ballot you receive with the registration materials. Deposit the completed ballot at the MIP display, where you'll also be able to vote online if you prefer.

If not at the show, vote online at (for a shortcut to the MIP ballot, go to


Mortarless veneer eliminates water penetration

This self-ventilating brick veneer overlaps like shingles to eliminate water penetration. Installed in conjunction with furring strips, the system lets the wall breathe and provides drainage. The new 4-in. size allows for quick installation and cost reduction. This mortarless system won't dent, chip, or fade and is available in split, textured, and smooth face.

  • Novabrik International Inc., 866-678-2745,
  • Booth N413

    Masonry anchor provides strength and security

    The TieKey is an easy-to-install, cast-in-place, adjustable ICF masonry tie anchor embedded into an ICF-formed concrete wall. It provides strength and security when installing brick or stone veneer finishes. The tie is available in hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel versions.

  • Reward Wall Systems, 800-468-6344,
  • Booth N2953

    Flexible system matches surface contours

    Drivable Grass pavement system is manufactured from poly-reinforced concrete and flexes and conforms to irregular ground surface contours. Pre-manufactured holes and cracks allow for root penetration through the mat, which creates permeability and flexibility. The system is designed for areas where a permeable, vegetated vehicle access or parking surface is required.

  • Soil Retention Systems Inc., 800-346-7995,
  • Booth N1468