Paver bar

The Multi-Blade Paver Bar is a loosening and aligning bar with four adjustable hardened steel blades. This tool is used on masonry hardscapes to maneuver paver units for easy removal or to better align pavers that have not been vibrated into place. The bar can move up to five rows of masonry paver units at one time, The four tempered blades can be adjusted to any location along the base of the bar to achieve appropriate spacing for the size of the units.

Bon Tool Co. 800-444-7060.

Mortar net insect barrier

The Mortar Net with Insect Barrier lets water out without letting bugs in. Insects that enter through weep-holes and nest in the wall-cavities can cause serious problems. While the Weep Vents guard weep-holes against blockage by many types of insects or debris, the Mortar Net With Insect Barrier adds another layer of defense inside the wall-cavity.

Mortar Net USA Ltd. 800-664-6638.

Economical, superior blades

Cut concrete, tile, stone, and brick pavers with Turbo Diamond Blades. The 10 mm segmented blades offer smooth cutting ability, and the turbo rim design enhances cutting performances and extends blade life. Five sizes are available to fit a variety of angle grinders, and gas and electric-powered saws.

Dtec Diamond Blades. 866-588-0395.

Roof paver

RoofStone, roof paver accessories for walkways and patios are designed to integrate into LiveRoof installations. The pavers measure 1 ft. wide by 2 ft. long by 4 in. tall to match the dimensions of LiveRoof Standard modules and 6 in. tall for LiveRoof Deep modules. They feature built-in pedestals with water channels, so no separate pedestal system is required. They fit right up against LiveRoof modules, so no special edging is needed . The top edges of the pavers are beveled to prevent chipping and to form a water-conducting groove between the pavers.

LiveRoof LLC. 800-875-1392.

Compact telescopic handler

The MLT 625 telescopic handler provides substantial power and reach in a compact machine that is able to gain access into low overhead buildings and garages. It has a maximum lift height of 19 ft., 3 in. and a maximum lift capacity of 5500 lbs. The short turning radius of 10 ft.enables it to maneuver into normally inaccessible spaces.

Manitou. 800-433-3304.