Brick veneer/steel stud wall construction has been used successfully for 25 years. Yet light-gauge steel framing has received criticism as a backup for brick veneer. Much of this criticism has been misleading and greatly exaggerated. Contrary to predictions, there has not been an avalanche of failures. In fact, steel stud systems have had great success. Over the years, opponents of steel stud systems have made several arguments against the system. Some of these arguments are stated here, with the facts that disprove them. "STEEL STUD BACKUPS ARE TOO FLEXIBLE, CAUSING MASONRY TO CRACK, LEAK, AND DETERIORATE." These fears have been dispelled by laboratory testing, experience, and today's industry design standards, such as "Brick Veneer Steel Stud Panel Walls," Technical Note 28B, published by the Brick Institute of America (BIA). "EVEN THE SMALLEST CRACK IN BRICK VENEER WITH A STEEL STUD BACKUP CONSTITUTES FAILURE." Cracks at the mortar-brick interface occur in brick veneer/steel stud walls as much as they do in other brick veneer walls-and for the same reasons. "METAL STUDS AND THE METAL WALL TIES USED TO ANCHOR THE VENEER ARE PRONE TO CORROSION." The metal studs and ties used in the brick veneer/steel stud system are hot dipped galvanized to avoid corrosion problems.